Christina Lilliesparre af Fylleskog ( -1651)

Mistress of Ugglansryd

An alliance with the Lilliesparres brought a beautiful Ryssby manor – with which Christina was intimately acquainted – into the Polman family’s history.

Christina Lilliesparre was born in the late 16th or early 17th century to Olof Jöransson Lilliesparre af Fylleskog1A medieval salvation family whose oldest known member was named Jöran Olofsson. and his second wife Christina Gunnarsdotter Galle (No. 162). She had at least one brother, two sisters, and two half-brothers.2“Lilliesparre af Fylleskog nr 44”, Adelsvapen-Wiki,, accessed: 25 May 2023  Her father was a respected man who attended the Riksdag in Stockholm from 24-29 June 1573, during which changes in the church order that were adopted in the previous year were further discussed. He was also a participant in the Swedish Privy Council in Reval in 1589 – which successfully prevented the return of Poland’s sovereign Sigismund III Vasa to Sweden, causing a rift between King John III and the Council3Karin Tegenborg Falkdalen, “Anna, prinsessa”, Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon,, accessed: 26 May 2023 – as well as the estate meeting held in Stockholm in 1590. Interestingly, Christina Lilliesparre’s maternal grandfather, in his time, chose to side with the reigning monarch and was beaten to death as a result.4During the 1568 coup against King Erik XIV by his brothers, Gunnar Galle – who had been ennobled by the king – was beaten to death by Peder Arvidsson Kase for his loyalty. Gunnar’s wife was pregnant at the time.

It is possible that Christina was born at the manor Ugglansryd in Ryssby, Sweden5A locality in Kronoberg county, Sweden – at any rate, it played an important role in her life. It belonged to her family – her mother owned it in 1595,6Josef Henrik Theophil Rosengren, Ny Smålands Beskrifning [New Småland Description], volumes 2-3, (Vexiö: Vexiö-bladets boktryckeri, 1914), 9, and in 1623, Christina’s brother Jöran Olofsson took over its ownership. At some point, most likely in the 1630s, the manor passed on to Jöran Polman, who married Christina circa 1623. Their alliance was perhaps formed when Polman was the captain of his regiment in Kronoberg, the home county of the Lilliesparre family. 

Ugglansryd remained with the Polman family and its descendants until 1798, and it is likely that Christina called it home for most of her life. Three children were born to the couple – Johan (c. 1623-25), Gustaf and Anna Christina. In 1625, Christina’s brothers Jöran and Sven were knighted under No. 8 (later No. 44) along with her male cousins.7“Lilliesparre af Fylleskog”, Roskildes Historie,, accessed: 17 May 2023  A year later, Jöran Polman was granted noble privileges extending to his male descendants.8“Sunnerbo dombok 1635”,,, accessed: 28 March 2023

Sweden at this time was ruled by King Gustavus II Adolphus, who is credited with the rising power of the country and its growing empire. Jöran Polman, being in the military, was likely often away from his wife and family; he was promoted to Chief Quartermaster in 1629, and then became a major. 

Between 1632 and 1644, the Swedish Empire was ruled by high nobles until Queen Kristina came of age and ascended the throne. Despite a tremulous start, she is remembered as a discerning and clever monarch who transformed the image and identity of Sweden. She also successfully advocated for the conclusion of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648.9A highly destructive religious war in Europe between 1618-1648 that led to millions of deaths. It started within Germany’s Holy Roman Empire, but involved more countries including Sweden in the 1630s. Jöran Polman is believed to have died abroad prior to this, perhaps in battle, but was brought home to Ryssby and buried in the church’s sacristy.

Christina Lilliesparre would live to see her sons ennobled by the Queen in 1650. Johan and Gustaf, both in the military, were knighted at Stockholm Castle on 16 September, taking on the name Påhlman on 3 October under No. 501.10“Påhlman nr 501”, Adelsvapen-Wiki,åhlman_nr_501, accessed: 17 March 2022 Christina passed away a year later.