A Look at Our First Acquisition

As a digital archive primarily focused on preserving the history of the Polman family, Polmanarkivet has always valued the importance of safeguarding collections for future generations. Today, we are proud to announce our first-ever physical acquisition, a collection of 18th and 17th-century manuscripts related to the Pohlmann family from Hille, where the family originated. This collection is not just an addition to our archives, but a tangible link to the very roots of the family tree.
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The Officers of Skokloster Castle

In 1623, the field marshal Herman Wrangel commissioned life-sized portraits of his officers, which adorn the walls of the magnificent baroque castle Skokloster. They are the gallant Swedish soldiers of the Thirty Years' War who, in 1621, seized and captured the fortress of Riga, ensuring Sweden's control over the coasts of the Baltic Sea.
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