Untitled Polman Book – A Family History Journey Through the Middle Ages

I am bursting with excitement to share my latest announcement! In the prologue of my debut novel, Arcadia: Peterson Family History and the Secrets of a Swedish Nobleman, I briefly introduced the Polmans of Estonia and Sweden in the 16th and 17th centuries. And now, I am thrilled to reveal that my next book will serve as a prequel of sorts. The book, currently without a title, will come in three parts and focus on the origin and evolution of the Polman, Påhlman, and von Pohlmann families. It will document their ancestors’ lives in the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.

Below is an outline of its contents*

Part One: Polman Family of Westphalia

Part one of the story begins in the late 16th century with Jürgen Polman the Elder and his first wife, Anna Wesell, and second wife, Gertrud von Bremen. Jürgen and his family are believed to have originated from Westphalia and migrated to Livonia, Poland, and finally to Sweden. Part one will also delve into the history of the medieval Bishopric of Minden in the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages, as well as attempt to trace the family’s roots and their previous locations before settling in Westphalia. Part one will conclude with the story of Jürgen’s son, Jöran Polman the Younger, and his wife Christina Lilliesparre af Fylleskog in Sweden. Additionally, part one will explore the history, origin, and meaning of the surname Polman.

Part Two: Påhlman Family of Sweden

Part two of the book will focus on the height of the Swedish Empire during the 17th century. This part will delve into specific events during this time period, including the Livonian War, Polish War, Thirty Years’ War, and the Battles of Fraustadt and Paltova, in which Carl Gustaf Påhlman was banished to Siberia for 14 years. This part will also delve into the history of the Swedish nobility and the ennoblement of Johan Polman (Påhlman) and his wife Margareta Silfversparre, including their tragic relationship and the lives of their descendants in Sweden throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The three progenitors of the Påhlman family branch will also be fully explored: Anders Otto P, Adolf Fredrik P, and Johan Magnus P. A comprehensive family tree for the Påhlman family will be presented.

Part Three: von Pohlmann of Estonia

Part three delves into the history of the von Pohlmann family in Estonia, tracing their lineage through the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries and, ultimately, their extinction. It sheds light on the German-Baltic nobility and highlights Klaus von Pohlmann, son of Jürgen Polman, who was the progenitor of the Estonian branch. In addition, it recounts the tragic tale of Duchess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, who sought sanctuary with Catherine the Great and was then entrusted to Wilhelm von Pohlmann for protection. A comprehensive family tree of the von Pohlmanns is included. 

*The final contents might change prior to publication.

The Untitled Polman Book is planned for publication in late 2025. In the meantime, various short stories, biographies, and research will be posted here. You can also check out Arcadia: Peterson Family History & the Secrets of a Swedish Nobleman below.

Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson

Jake’s greatest dream is to reveal stories that have been buried in history. He does this through rigorous research and combing through archives to preserve precious stories for future generations. Jake has qualifications in narrative therapy and family studies, and is an author, family historian, and researcher. In 2022, he published his first book “Arcadia.” Follow Jake on Instagram @polmanarkivet.

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